Time of Connection (including time zones)

Oct 29, 1:30 CT/ 2:30 ET

Classroom A: Melissa Davis (Coloma Elem, Coloma, MI)

Hi, Melissa, glad to have you back again! ~Roxanne
Our monster is named Comet-Arctic. The heads:First you will need two yellow balloons. Blow them up and tie them. For one balloon, make long black hair out of construction paper and tape it to the balloon. Then tape a white foam cup to the center of the balloon for a nose. After that, cut out a semicircle from green paper and tape it to the balloon for a mouth. Cut out 4 small black squares and tape them inside the mouth for teeth. Roll up newspaper into a tube and cover the tube with green bulletin board paper. Use this tube as a neck between the bead and body. For the second head, cut out spiky hair from black construction paper and tape it to the top of the balloon. Tape a foam cup to the balloon for a nose. Cut out a triangle from green construction paper and tape it under the nose. Cut out three little squares from white paper and tape them onto the mouth. Color big black dots on the teeth (squares). Make a neck for this head from rolled up newspaper covered with black construction paper. The body:Stack three shoe boxes on top of each other and cover it with green bulletin board paper. Cut out the middle circles of 4 paper plates. Color a big black dot in the middle of each circle to make eyes. Tape the eyes to the body with two eyes in the top row and two eyes in the bottom row. Cut out 2 rectangles from black construction paper. Tape them diagonally above the top 2 eyes to make angry eyes. Cut out eyelashes from black construction paper and tape them on the bottom eyes. Right arm:Roll up newspaper and cover it with black construction paper. Trace a student’s hand and cut it out. Tape the hand onto the end of the arm. Tape the arm to the right side of the body. Left arm:Roll up newspaper and cover it with green construction paper. Trace and cut out a robot-like claw and tape it to the arm. Tape the arm to the left side of the body. Feet:Cover two shoeboxes with paper. One should be yellow and the other green. Cut triangles from black construction paper and tape them to the sides of the green foot box. Cut triangles from a paper plate and tape them to the sides of the yellow foot box. Finishing details:Put the body on a chair. Tape the heads and necks to the top of the box so the heads stick up like stalks. Put the feet on the floor and attach a strip of black construction paper between each foot and the body to act as legs.

Classroom B: Renee Reavis-Rice (Fowler Elem, Killeen ISD, Killeen, TX)

Monster Match
Goal: To create an amazing 3D monster!
What is Needed:
Black & Red construction paper 4 green, 1 red, 1 yellow 7” balloons
4 white regular size paper plates (NOT Styrofoam)
Black, Green & Orange yarn Newspaper
Black, Green & Orange bulletin board paper
Glue Tape
Steps to Make Monster’s legs and shoes:
1. Get two adult size shoeboxes. (apx. 13 ½ in. long, 5 ½ in. wide & 5 deep). Poke a small hole in the small side of the shoebox. (The end that has the size & label on it).
2. Blow up one red balloon and one yellow balloon, tying each one in a knot.
3. Take one balloon and place the knot of the balloon in the hole of one of the shoeboxes. Secure with tape on the inside of the shoebox. Then do the same with the other balloon and shoebox. Close the shoeboxes.
4. Cover both shoeboxes with black bulletin board paper.
5. Get orange and green yarn. Cut 2 pieces of each color in 12 inch lengths.
6. Take one of each color and tie them into a bow. You will have two bows with orange and green yarn in each.
7. Glue one bow on the top of the shoebox, apx. 4 inches from the end near the balloon. Then do the same to the other bow. (Like shoelaces)
Steps to Make Monster’s head:
1. For the head you will draw two triangle shapes on orange bulletin board paper that measures 25 inches on each side. We folded the paper in half and cut both out at the same time.
2. Staple the triangle shapes together leaving one side open.
3. For the eyes, get the two green balloons and blow them up to about 3 ½ inches wide. On one of the long sides of the triangle poke two small holes to fit the knots of the balloons through. Tape the knots on the inside of the triangle.
4. Stuff the head with sheets of newspapers. Then staple the last side together.
5. For the nose, get a black sheet of construction paper and cut a 3 inch triangle out. Then cut a small rectangle from the black construction paper. Fold it accordion style to make the nose stick out from the face. Tape the accordion folded paper to the black triangle and then tape it in the center of the eyes where a nose would be.
6. Cut a mouth shape from red construction paper. Make it about 8 inches long. Use a black marker to make teeth and long fangs. There are two fangs on the top and two fangs on the bottom about in the center of the mouth. Tape the paper mouth 3 inches under the nose.
Steps to Make Monster’s body and arms:
1. For the body, get two adult shoe boxes and put glue on the inside of the shoebox lids and glue them down to the box. Then glue the shoeboxes on top of each other. Let them dry. Once dry, wrap the boxes like a present with green bulletin board paper.
2. Cut seven pieces of black yarn 12 inches long. Space 5 pieces vertically on his stomach, which is the wide top part of the shoebox. Then glue them down. Going horizontal space three pieces of the yarn then glue them down. This makes a grid on his chest.
3. For the arms get four white regular size paper plates and color one side of them green. Fold each plate in half so the green side is on the outside and stuff with newspaper. Then staple the edges together. Get two of the folded plates and arrange them so that one of the plates are pointing up and the other is pointing down, then staple the corners or points together that touch each other. Do this on the other set of plates also.
4. Tape, staple or glue the one set of plates to the side of the shoebox body. The one that is attached to the box has the rounded side pointing up. We had a difficult time attaching so we use all three materials to get it to stay.
5. For the shoulders we blew up two of the green balloons and glued/taped one above each of the arms with the knot side pointing down. They are glued and taped because we had a difficult time attaching them to the body.
Steps to Put the Body, Legs and Head together:
1. Place the two black legs on a table with the backs angled in so that it looks kinda of like a triangle in the center of the legs.
2. On top of the black legs behind the bows, put a lot of glue and then place the body on top. Put something heavy on the top of the box to put pressure on it until it dries.
3. Once dry take the head and fold the point of the triangle to face the front of the body so it’s like its chin. Glue and tape this down. We had a difficult time getting the head to stand up so we took another paper plate and folded it for support on the backside. We glued this down.
4. We finally had to sit a tape dispenser behind his head to hold it up!
We finally agreed to name him “Fowler’s Monster”!