Teachers and coordinators:
Be sure to include size comparison, measurements, or directional words.The goal is to provide enough detail and description for the other class to create a monster.

  • Red angry almond shaped eyes with big black pupils the size of a penny on the inside corners of the eye. Made with construction paper.
  • The diameter of the head is 2.5 pencils.
  • 12" x 12" purple construction paper diamond-shaped head.
  • Cut a medium ( 2' x 1') green rectangle out of bulletin board paper.

Classroom A:
1. Get the materials together – you will need:
  • stapler
  • tape
  • green and black construction paper for feet, eye, and antenna
  • glue
  • green yarn for hair
  • scissors
  • 1 small purple balloon
  • sharp pencil to poke holes

2.Poke a hole through the shoe box and put the straw through the hole for the arms.

3. Paint the body and arms green. While they dry make feet and head.

4. Poke a hole in the Pringle’s lid

5. Blow up the balloon and tie a knot.

6. Stick the knot through the hole in the lid.

7. Cut 4 small pieces of straw for teeth, and tape them to the balloon.

8. Cut 10 3” pieces of green yarn and tie them together with one of the strands to make a tuft. Tape it to the balloon.

9. Cut a large black oval (kids said football) for the eye. Glue 4 white buttons to the oval and let dry before taping to the balloon.

10. Cut a large green heart for the feet and glue to the bottom of the Pringle’s can.

11. Cut 2 small antenna’s from the black and tape to the head.

12. Snap the finished head back on the can.

13. Now you have our Monster!

Teacher note: We did this together as a class, discussing what would happen if we did certain things before other steps etc. I tried not to influence them too much, but having never done a project like this I don’t know if I guided too much or not. Good Luck….we tried to use things that could be found easily. Thanks for participating with us.

Classroom B:
Materials List

  • · green, blue and yellow construction paper
  • · paper plates
  • · pipe cleaners
  • · crayons
  • · glue

NOTE: We did our monster in groups and then put them together. We tried to focus on measurement and shapes.

HEAD: Start with a piece of orange construction paper. (12 inch x 9 inch) Cut triangles off of both bottom corners (paper going up and down) to form a chin. Draw 3 diamond shaped eyes, one red, one blue and one green. We put a lightning bolt in the middle of each eye. There is a scar with stitches above his right eye. His nose is shaped like a hexagon and just beneath the nose, we made a trapezoid shaped moustache. For his mouth, we drew an upside down “V” and drew 2 fangs with drops of drool dripping from the fangs. The teeth are yellow, the drool is blue. The nose is yellow and the moustache is brown. There is a stitch under the right part of his mouth.

NECK: The neck is a rectangle. it is 9 inches long and 4 inches wide.

It is divided up and down in the middle and one side is colored orange and the other side is purple. There are 6 spots on the neck--3 on the orange side and 3 on the purple. The neck has stitches on the purple side. There is a metal bolt going through the neck like Frankenstein.

BODY: We start with a piece of white 12x18 inch construction paper.

we cut triangles of the top and bottom to give the body shoulders and a waist. We drew a vee at the top to make it look like a shirt and a tee-shirt underneath. The tee shirt is red. The shirt has diagonal stripes of black, orange, and purple. It has torn places on it. It has a purple pocket. There are 4 round buttons that are orange.

ARMS: We made 2 skinny arms shaped like the letter L. There are stitches on both arms. We drew the hand and put 3 fingers with sharp nails on each hand. Color the sleeves red. Color the stitches red and where the skin shows it is green. Color the nails black. Then, cut them out and glue them to the body.

LEGS AND FEET: We cut a vee out of a piece of paper that was 7 inches wide and 13 inches long and colored it black. It has a 2 inch rip on the right pants leg that is covered with an orange patch. One shoe is white with a red Nike swoosh and purple shoelaces. The other shoe is blue with red stripes and a yellow “N” on the side. No shoelaces. The shoes are 3 inches long.