What exactly IS Monster Match?
Two classrooms will be paired up and each class will create a monster using materials that can be obtained from school—bulletin board paper, poster board, construction paper, markers, cotton balls, yarn, etc. The class will then write a description of their monster and send the description to their partner class via email. Each class will recreate the other class’ monster by following the emailed directions. Both classes will meet via videoconference to compare the original monsters with the recreated monsters. This project will enable students to improve their descriptive writing skills and their ability to follow directions.

What are "monster match" approved materials?
Glad you asked. Here is a list of the materials to be used creating your monster. Over the past four years, we have had some REALLY creative monsters. It is a challenge to find pink pool noodles at this time of year in all areas, so this year we are moving to a standardized list of materials.

Monster Match Approved Materials
  • Construction paper
  • glue
  • newspaper
  • shoe boxes
  • balloons
  • cups
  • bulletin board paper
  • paper plates
  • yarn

How do I create my monster?
Monsters are to be created from "Monster Match approved" classroom materials. Each classroom will make ONE classroom three-dimensional monster and write one classroom description to share.

How do I register for Monster Match?
This year all registrations will be handled in the Collaborations Around the Planet site. Videoconference coordinators will enter registrations into the system.
You must have an account in the CAPspace site. For assistance with this, check out the flyer to help you understand this process.
Good news...this is the same system that you will use for Read Around the Planet, so those of you who get your information entered into the system will be ahead of the game in February.
Who will register teachers for Monster Match?
It depends on each district. Contact your district site manager or building coordinator to find out who will submit registrations for your district or building.