Announcements: Use our example to create your own monster match project. Be sure to add some type of videoconference meeting to share monsters, that is what makes the learning so much more powerful.

Project Description:
Two classrooms will be paired up and each class will create a monster using Monster Mayhem approved materials.

The class will then write a description of their monster and send the description to their partner class via a shared wiki page. Each class will recreate the other class’ monster by following the directions from the shared wiki page. Both classes will meet via video conference to compare the original monsters with the recreated monsters.

This project will enable students to improve their descriptive writing skills, use math terms, and their ability to follow directions.

Monster Match Approved Materials:
Shoe boxes, Kleenex (tissue) boxes, construction paper,
bulletin board paper, newspaper, paper plates, cups, yarn,
markers, crayons, scissors, tape, glue, and/or glue sticks.

Video Conference Agenda: (Video conference connection time is 30 minutes.)
Welcome and Introductions
Use the note-taking guide to facilitate the conversation.
  1. Classroom A zooms in on their ORIGINAL monster.
  2. Classroom B zooms in on the second monster they created.
  3. Classroom A identifies similarities and differences.
  4. REPEAT switching roles.
  5. Classroom B zooms in on their ORIGINAL monster.
  6. Classroom A zooms in on the second monster they created.
  7. Classroom B identifies similarities and differences.
  8. Closing: Big round of applause for both groups!